last updated: 20.02.2023

first astronomical velocity

galaxy one

to me, this is an underrated gem. the instrumentals are amazing, super well composed with great lyrics, and sonico doesn't sound overly squeaky like you'd think. its an album that doesnt overstay its welcome, its a pop rock masterpiece with its overall giddy and girlish atmosphere. always lifts me up when im feeling down.

consequences of disobedicence


very underrated album. one of my favorite nu-metal releases, i really wish i could make music like this.

cultural mixing


one of my favorite alt-idol releases, made me fall in love with kaqriyo! very messy and noisy pop with an extremely crunchy flavor

zettai shoujo

seiko oomori

even though i hate seiko because of her actions, i love this album very much. just very lesbian and soft, always makes me feel good and reminds me of what being in love with another person feels like.

stay gold

neon bunny

recommended to me by an old friend im no longer in touch with, this is an extremely chill album, with very soft and sweet vocals, perfect for listening when you need to relax.

tranquility base hotel & casino

arctic monkeys

im one of the only 5 people who enjoy this album. i love when albums tell a story. definitely not for everyone, but still really good. i do enjoy their other releases, specially AM and Humbug, but this album is just too exquisite for me to not like it.

she is


the best korean pop r&b album of this century and i'm not afraid to say it. this was the album that made me get into kpop as a whole and become obsessed with shinee. i had a bunch of good memories with this one, thank you jonghyun.



not a single bad track on this one. forever obsessed with it and with amy lee's voice.



this album helped me get through my first year of college... good memories! i vividly remember listening to it on the bus on repeat. definitely her best release so far, all tracks are flawless r&b with her amazing to-die-for vocals.

song of saya original soundtrack


this game got me into the visual novel niche. one of the best horror experiences i've had in my life, with an amazing soundtrack to complement it.

bottomless pit

death grips

my favorite album from my favorite band! i dont know what to say, it's death grips. for some reason, i liked money store more before, but this one ended up really growing on me.

panty & stocking with gaterbelt the original soundtrack

teddyloid and tcy force

truly the best soundtrack ever made for an anime. every track is iconic; listening to it always reminds me of when i first watched it. truly the apex of electropop.