she/her, white lesbian, 22y, taken♡


i really like genderbending, so you might see that here. i try my best to retweet it tagged! also, i enjoy hcing characters as trans.

small warning: i am a very sensitive and impulsive person. i wear my heart on my sleeve. so if something upsets me, it's very likely i'll rant about it. but i feel like that upsets people, so i'm trying to cut it down.

incest, underage/lolishota and pro-ship discourse severely upsets me, and are very triggering to me. i get severely anxious seeing such topics on my timeline, so, if you're following me or will follow me and talk about such things, please tag accordingly or consider not following at all.

(i will very likely block you if you're very loud about such things, i'm sorry!)

i just wanna look at my funny gay guys and have a good time online; please be nice to an anxious lesbian!!


under 18 y/o, radfem, transmed, right-wing, dislikes trans hcs


dmmd, slow damage, lamento, sweet pool, nu carnival.
i enjoy reading some manga as well!
non bl interests you might see here are trigun, yugioh, twisted wonderland, saya no uta, kikokugai and super sonico.


full list of my favorite manga coming soon!


lamento, lkyt., subahibi (paused), hashihime (paused), togainu no chi (paused)

feel free to look around my website!