welcome to my website!

hello! my name is candy! this is my little corner of the web.
this is my place to express my criativy specially when it comes to coding; i get a suddend spurt of creativity and desire to create and change this website, i get completely immersed in it and won't stop thinking about it until i finish it. and then i leave it unattended for months, and only god knows when inspiration will strike again. extremely similar to towa, to be honest.

made this website after a very distressing html class that made me want to prove myself, specially to my father, who works as an IT consultant, and whom i remember vividly watching him code myspace pages back in the day.
he also helped me figure out the code for this website the first time i made it and helped me with other computer related assignments. thank you, dad!

also, thank you to my beautiful girlfriend for supporting me through my sudden hyperfocus on remaking this website. thank you my love!

anyway, this is a place for everything and anything.
thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

who is ruili?

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+ 27.03.2023 major website revamp! ruili layout because the url is, well, ruili. also changed the blog page and made a new button :D

+ 19.03.2023 blog page updated!

+ 10.03.2023 links page updated, organized links by their categories, added more resources

+ 10.03.2023 added a mobile "version"! (its just a small bio)

+ 06.03.2023 shrine page layout updated, added a collage section to the music page

+ 05.03.2023 updated index, left sidebar, about page; changed music page's design, added a blog page. more to come!

+ 18.02.2023 added status.cafe widget, changed censor button position, changed position of page counter, removed a few blinkies in favor of making the chatbox longer; changed pngs in the music page, added lastfm widget

+ 18.02.2023 favicon added! (its not blue, but its super sonico. so works for me.)

+ 17.02.2023 music page updated!

+ 17.02.2023 update deployed!

+ 15.02.2023 currently re-updating the website layout!

+ 13.08.2022 new page! check out my favorite albums here! also updated some links

+ 12.08.2022 still working on the layout. trying to figure out how to fill space...

+ 11.08.2022 working on changing the layout!

+ 25.07.2022 finally live! :D

+ 25.07.2022 added a favorite character page and the about me section!

+ 25.07.2022 added a fuck ton of blinkies. Help its 4am

+ 24.07.2022 hyperfixed on finishing this. hopefully will be done in a few days.

> make a web goodies page
> make sonico shrine
> make a custom cursor
> make other pages match the current layout
> remake old anime layouts
> finish saya shrine
> make a page to show cat pictures
> make a page to show my art

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retronaut webring