cool links and other sites

basically use this instead of my bookmarks. its for me but also for you!


+ a bunch of fanlistings you can enter!
+ self-explanatory
+ mini clique hub


+ sadthemes small pixels self-explanatory! for your favicon needs
+ plasticdino cute graphics!
+ eau-de-parfum cute graphics!
+ make blinkies!
+ very cool website with more than 400 88x31 buttons!
+ 88by31 website with a bunch of buttons you can use!
+ sugaa favicon masterpost what it says in the tin. a LOT of favicons
+ arkmsworld a bunch of blinkies
+ momg museum of modern gifs
+ a bunch of old gifs
+ texture town what it says in the tin.
+ glitter graphics houses a BUNCH of graphics, and some useful codes
+ bitmapdreams my favorite pixel artist!


+ w3schools literally the most useful coding website, perfect for learning
+ neogeo coding resources
+ scripted coding resources!
+ various css bounce animations!
+ animate a bunch of different css animations!
+ button hover animations!
+ link hover animations!
+ cakepop carrd with very cool codes
+ mf2fm a bunch of different, cool codes and effects
+ templaterr js navigation and simple layouts
+ javascriptkit some js codes
+ snazzyspace some old tumblr codes, still useful
+ javascriptfreecode what it says on the tin
+ wesource has some cool codes and other resources
+ shenanigans some cute website deco, creator also has some cool tumblr themes!
+ repth very cool website themes!
+ pochi has a bunch of useful css codes!
+ callie some simple codes
+ a fuck ton of css text codes

general resources

+ xyz carrd with a bunch of resources
+ grime resources collection of a BUNCH of websites with different resources
+ sadgrl cool backgrounds and other different resources
+ mutya resources, pixels, codes and other stuff
+ css-tricks self-explanatory!
+ typewolf typography website, has free fonts!
+ a bunch of diffent css codes!
+ lovely designs very old anime layouts, not actually good for coding but good for inspo
+ celestial star another good website good for inspo, unfortunately most images are broken :(
+ f2c counter page view count with a BUNCH of different designs
+ fool lovers houses a bunch of pixel art, codes, etc. very cute!


+ one of my favorite artists! <3
+ neolink free neocities ads!
+ cool site with neocities ads!
+ teddybear-halo cute site with a bunch of stuff!
+ zanarkand fun site to explore!
+ districts collection of a bunch of different websites hosted on neocities!
+ vaporwave radio!
+ bearblog small blogging platform
+ photo-kako online photo editor
+ first net art gallery
+ more website ads
+ navlinkads even more website ads

fun and weird

websites that dont have a button and are just as cool to look through (mostly gamedev portfolios)

+ kanoguti93
+ ratchaos choose your own adventure game
+ amazingly designed and coded interior design website

cool sites with buttons
fanlistings i joined