about the webmaster
Born in Rio de Janeiro, 2nd of December, 2000; I've dedicated more than 10 years of my life to art.

My name is Candy, I'm a 22 years old brazilian artist, singer and graphic designer.

I've always been obssessed with the nostalgia of old web, first starting with vaporwave in 2016, then my switch to the early 2000s anime moe artstyle in late 2019. And so, in 2022, this website was born.

I'm obssessed with the color blue, bl manga/vns and anime idols. Other things I enjoy a normal amount are alternative idols, alternative music, and other anime games. check out my shrines page for more of my interests and favorites!

Proudly a Lesbian. Girlfriend to the lovely Miel.

Ruili images are from the 2011 remake of the novel, most graphics are from the original Kikokugai website.

contact me:

rym - anilist - lastfm - spacehey - neocities profile - escargot: ruili@escargot.chat