Hello! my name is Candy. I also go by Ailith.
I'm a graphic designer and illustrator. This is my website!
Feel free to explore the links on the left. Don't forget to leave a message. Have fun!
Some pages are still under construction.

news & updates

+ 13.08.2022 new page! check out my favorite albums here! also updated some links

+ 12.08.2022 still working on the layout. trying to figure out how to fill space...

+ 11.08.2022 working on changing the layout!

+ 25.07.2022 finally live! :D

+ 25.07.2022 added a favorite character page and the about me section!

+ 25.07.2022 added a fuck ton of blinkies. Help its 4am

+ 24.07.2022 hyperfixed on finishing this. hopefully will be done in a few days.

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